Natural polivitaminic and energizer GRANULATED POWDER based on Yeast and Vitamin B1

Benefits: It acts like a catalyst of the carbohydrate metabolism making them liberate their energy. Essential in the synthesis of substances that regulate the nervous system. Essential in the treatment of nerve inflammation (neuritis) like it happens with lumbalgias, ciatalgias, stretching, etc. Enhances the maintenance of a good cardiovascular health, regulates the cardiac rhythm, fortifies muscles. It’s deficiency promotes the apparition of fatigue, depression, lack of appetite, cramps, reluctance and lack of good health. It’s a NATURAL product, nontoxic and without secondary adverse effects. Enhances the liver functions increasing appetite and weight. It´s inclusion on the equine’s diet raises it’s vital tone, handicap and strengthresponse.To normalize intestine flora.
Indications: Lack of Thiamine (Vitamin B1), suckling period, pregnancy, growth, hard work, physical efforts, anxious and nervous animals.
Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.
Posology: 25 g daily during 20 consecutive days. Nervous animals 50 g daily during 20 consecutive days. Repeat according to veterinarian criteria.
Presentation: Jar x 500 g. and Jar x 1000 g.
Fórmula: Thiamine Chlorhidrate 4g, Torula Yeast 48g, Corn Starch 12g, Icing Sugar 36g.

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