Electrolyte rehydration salts

Benefits: Electrolytes are involved in metabolism, respiration, secretion, excretion, and indeed in every aspect of organic operation. They have great mobility in the body and this makes them ideal for implementing regulatory mechanisms when appropriate concentrations which can vary by altering the volume of body water. The electrolyte replacement in case of major losses through sweat, urine (diuretics), diarrhea, is absolutely important to avoid dehydration, as water management can only aggravate the dehydration installed by the elimination of more electrolytes in increased formation of urine with a consequent increase in electrolyte imbalance.
Equine sweat contains a lot of sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium and magnesium in its composition and amount as the losses of these electrolytes disturbances occur in a different magnitude.

Indications: To maintenance and rapid replacement of electrolytes lost through sweating, urinary tract depleted by diuretic use. As an adjunct in cases of diarrhea, heat stroke, stress, dehydration.

Destination Species: Sport equines non destined to human food consumption.

Posology, dosage and method of administration:
- 40 g for a horse up to 500 kg or according veterinarian criteria.
- Activity developed in a single step (turf, jogging, jumping): 40 g at the end of the
- Activity developed in a single step but with diuretic management: 40 g 2 hours
before the event and 40 g after the end of it.
- Aerobic physical activity-long intervals (endurance): 40 g 1 hour before the test,
40 g during the event or according to indication veterinary and 40 g at the end of
the same.
Dosing and interval may be modified according to the criteria veterinarian and clinical status.

Presentation: plastic syringes containing 40 g

Formula: Potassium chloride 15 g, Sodium chloride 35 g, L glycine 4 g, Calcium carbonate 2.7g, Magnesium oxide 0.33g, Glucose 2 g, Formulation agents qs 40 g

Precautions: have water available once the product administered

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